Ethnographic Research

Upcoming Public Presentations:

March 2, 2018 at 7:30pm. A staged reading of “I WAS NEVER ALONE,” an ethnographic play, as part of the Annual Symposium of Soyuz, the Research Network for Postsocialist Cultural Studies. Yale University. Details TBA.

Selected Scholarly Publications:
“Good Ramps, Bad Ramps: Centralized Design Standards and Disability Access in Urban Russian Infrastructure.” American Ethnologist 44(1): January 9 2017.

“Disabling Structures: Perspectives on Marginalization in a Russian Cityscape,” Landscapes of Violence 3(1) 2015. *this is a photo essay that combines text and photographs, compiled as a large, image-based PDF file; please message me if you would like a text-based version of this publication with image descriptions.

“Welcome to Sergeichburg: Disability, Crip Performance, and the Comedy of Recognition in Russia” in Journal of Social Policy Studies 12(1) 2014. In English and Russian translation.

“A Genealogy of (post-)Soviet Dependency: Disabling Productivity.”  2013 Zola Award Article, Disability Studies Quarterly, 34(1), 2014.

Liminality in Love: Reading Ritualized Institutional Practice as Civil Society in Alina Rudnitskaya’s Civil Status
Anthropology of East Europe Review, 29:2, 2011

Recent Presentations: 

Friday, November 10, 2017. 1:45-3:30pm. After Postsocialism?: New Ethnographies Framing the Future.  A panel with Cassandra Hartblay (Co-organizer, Presenter),  Tamar Shirinian (Co-organizer, Presenter), Adam Leeds (Presenter), Larisa Kurtovic (Discussant), and Marijeta Bozovic (Chair). 49th Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies in Chicago, IL.

Sunday, November 12, 2017. 12:00-1:45pm. Roundtable. Disability and Bodily Transgressions. 49th Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies in Chicago, IL.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017. Corrupt Matter? Investigating Illegality through the Meanings, Pathways, and Properties of Material Things. A panel with Cassandra Hartblay (presenter), Leksa Lee (presenter/organizer), Smoki Musaraj (presenter), Kedron Thomas (presenter), Nikhil Anand (discussant), and Sarah Muir (discussant). 116th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Washington DC.

October 4th. 3:30pm. Imagining Normal Russia: Disability & Design from the Soviet Union to Putin’s Reconsolidation. Yale University Slavic Colloquium.

April 14. Presentation at the DISABILTY AS SPECTACLE Conference at UCLA. “I WAS NEVER ALONE: Creating a play about disability experience through participatory performance ethnography methodology.” On a panel with Louise Hickman, Andy Rice, and Anastasia Klupchak.

April 12. Research presentation for the Institute for Society and Genetics at UCLA. “Global Bodies: The Moral Work of Defining Disability in International Demography.”

Tuesday, Feb 21st at 12-2pm. Research Presentation for the UC San Diego Psychological and Medical Anthropology Seminar. “Disabling Rehabilitation: Performing Disability and Therapeutic Citizenship in Russia” in SSRB 331 (Psychological and Medical Anthropology Lab).

Friday, November 18 at 10:45am. Paper presentation: “Unmoving Violations: Queering the Animacy of Infrastructure to Account for Disability Access.” On a panel titled “The Queer Space of Disability Infrastructure and Design” AQA/SMA, co-organizers Cassandra Hartblay and Michele Friedner. Discussants: Karen Nakamura and Tom Boellstorff. American Anthropological Association 115th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis.

March 4-5, 2016. “This is Not Thick Description: Conceptual Art Installation as Ethnographic Process” Paper presentation for the Symposium on Innovations in Ethnographic Methodology at the UC Berkeley Center for Ethnographic Research, Berkeley, California.

February 5-6, 2016. I WAS NEVER ALONE: An Ethnographic Play of Disability in Russia by Cassandra Hartblay. Staged Reading, talk back, and round table. Swain Hall, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. This work-in-progress reading is supported by UNC-CH Performance Studies, Arts of the Core, and Medical Anthropology. Friday, Feb 5 at 7pm followed by a talk back. Saturday, Feb 6 at 2pm followed by a reception and round table discussion.

November 19, 2015. “Too Much Pushkin, and Not Enough of Us”: Enacting Disability and Therapeutic Citizenship in Russia, a paper presentation on a panel titled ‘Evaluating Disability: Stigma and the Anthropology of Values.’ Thursday at 1:45-3:30pm at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Denver, Colorado.

July 27th, 2015. Does the ADA give the US moral legitimacy as a global disability rights leader?: The view from Russia and Ukraine. A Roundtable Discussion with Cassandra Hartblay, Andrea Mazzarino (Human Rights Watch, Brown University), and Eric Mathews (Disability Rights International).  Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, Washington DC.

June 2015.  Society for Disability Studies.

“Digital Futures: Mapping New Methodologies for Disability Studies” Roundtable meeting with Kevin Gotkin, Liz Lewis, Emily Ladau, and Beth Haller. Read the Storify here.

Moderator for “Intersections of Disability and Medical Anthropology” panel with Karen Nakamura. Read the Storify here.

Perry, Ellen and Cassandra Hartblay. “Using Simple English in ADA Oral History Accounts: A Self-Advocate and an Ethnographer work together to build an accessible Oral History Web Archive.” Multimedia Poster Presentation. Society for Disability Studies. June 9.

March 12, 2015. “Cripping/Disabling Ethnography.” Studio for Ethnographic Design at the University of California San Diego. Details TBA via the event FB page.

March 14, 2015.Global Bodies: Problematizing Transnational Definitions of Disability.” Paper to be presented as part of a panel titled “Variation without Difference: How can the Anthropology of Disability Change the Debate?” organized by Matthew Wolf Meyer and Elizabeth Lewis. American Ethnological Society Spring Conference. San Diego, California.

March 1, 2015. “Kakaia Vlast’, Takie i Dorogi: disability and territories of in/access in contemporary Russia.” Soyuz Symposium. University of Washington, Seattle.

November 2014. “Performing invalidnost’: negotiating disability, citizenship and identity between state and non-state organizations in contemporary Petrozavodsk.” Paper as part of a panel organized by Meri Kulmala. ASEEES Annual Convention, San Antonio.

November 2012 at the San Francisco meeting of the American Anthropological Association. A presentation called Undoing Ableism: Toward a non-Dualist Universal Design as part of the Inno-vent session on Anthropology and Design, organized by Dr. Arturo Escobar. Watch the video version of this presentation on Vimeo.

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