Selected Scholarly Publications:

“Disability Expertise: Claiming Disability Anthropology.” Current Anthropology. Wenner-Gren Symposium Special Issue “Disability Worlds,” edited by Faye Ginsburg and Rayna Rapp. 62(S21). February 2020.

“After Marginalization: Pixelization, Disability, and Social Difference in Digital Russia.” South Atlantic Quarterly. 118(3): 543–572. July 1 2019.

Keywords for Ethnography & Design.” Edited Collection with Joseph D. Hakins and Melissa Caldwell. Theorizing the Contemporary, Cultural Anthropology website. March 2018.

“Good Ramps, Bad Ramps: Centralized Design Standards and Disability Access in Urban Russian Infrastructure.” American Ethnologist 44(1): January 9 2017.

“Disabling Structures: Perspectives on Marginalization in a Russian Cityscape,” Landscapes of Violence 3(1) 2015. *this is a photo essay that combines text and photographs, compiled as a large, image-based PDF file; please message me if you would like a text-based version of this publication with image descriptions.

“Welcome to Sergeichburg: Disability, Crip Performance, and the Comedy of Recognition in Russia” in Journal of Social Policy Studies 12(1) 2014. In English and Russian translation.

“A Genealogy of (post-)Soviet Dependency: Disabling Productivity.”  2013 Zola Award Article, Disability Studies Quarterly, 34(1), 2014.

Liminality in Love: Reading Ritualized Institutional Practice as Civil Society in Alina Rudnitskaya’s Civil Status
Anthropology of East Europe Review, 29:2, 2011


Public & Digital Scholarship: