Citizen Diplomacy in times of Discomfort

As I prepared for my recent trip to Russia, many Americans were concerned with the timing of my trip, given recent events in Ukraine and the Crimea, with resulting diplomatic upheaval between the US/NATO/the EU and the Russian Federation. Others, less familiar with my work, commented (jokingly, I think) that it's a good time to … Continue reading Citizen Diplomacy in times of Discomfort


Cripping Development

I was so lucky to be in Prague last week to take part in a single-stream conference, Decolonizing Disability Theory I: Cripping Development. As an ethnographer recording disabled experience in Russia, the opportunity to engage disability theory in the actual space of Eastern Europe was not only much needed, but exceeded all expectations. From an … Continue reading Cripping Development

In the “news” in Petrozavodsk

Having recently arrived in Petrozavodsk as part of my dissertation research, I was invited to tell students at the summer school session at the municipal center for children with disabilities about life in Chapel Hill North Carolina. My presentation made it on to the organization's website under the news category! Check it out here.